Flexible Content Management System



Contributed by on Jan 06, 2002 - 01:52 PM

  • When receving emails about a news submission, let there be the actual submission in it and 3 links for "Validating", "Archiving", or "Deleting".

  • When Users Signup, give them the admin the option for System created Passwords or User created passwords.

  • Allow more HTML in the "Messages" that the admin can display on the main page.

  • Advanced hidden stats viewable by the admins, giving info on unque visitors etc...

  • User pages, for community sites, let the user create a one page (personal site) about themselves through the browser, like an "ezbuilder" people use at freehosts.

I had more ideas, but I figured I better shut-up before I get banned from the PN Community for being greedy!

Some of these ideas I understand why some PN users might not want.