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Can we push it? Guess we can...

Contributed by on Jan 07, 2002 - 06:02 PM

.. 4.45! YEAH!

O.k., we beat PHPNuke on average user rating. Additionally ( I think it's funny ), when searching for PHPNUKE on, POSTNUKE is listed long before PHNUKE is listed. That's cool, too.

Why I am writing. A couple of people have already written reviews on Postnuke on hotscripts. Can you write a short one? Probably you are just as satisfied as I am and this would be a good and cheap way to donate a bit of reward to the devs ( I am NOT one of them ;-))...

Just go here:

If you're to lazy to rate, than just cast a vote. I want to see Postnuke in the Top10 listing of PHP scripts by the middle of this year. Don't you???

The advantages will be:

++ more attention to the PostNuke script

++ more users of PostNuke resulting in better testing

++ even faster growing community

++ in the long run: more modules, more themes, more blocks, more idas..

Would it not be wonderful? PLEASE do help a little. I personally would really appreciate it and the cool thing is it serves anyone of us using PostNuke...

Thanks for your attention,