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Contributed by on Jan 08, 2002 - 11:39 PM

- a customized members sign up page that would use a 3 page/section signup form. (members will have to at least complete the first page with the option to continue the remaining 2 pages at that time or logging in at anytime to add/change to the full list of member profile questions)

- a custom user profile page that will pull in the data collected from the sign-up form and place it in a designated area I will give you.

- a custom admin edit users form that will allow for edit and changes of the members profile information used in the member sign up.

- a custom members list to include some of the data collected from the members signup.

- from the admin in the edit users section there would need to be a way to toggle some of the information to display for a member viewing another members profile if the admin gives them permission to see that information. (in this case I want to be able to say if a user has permission to see another members contact information, and if I set it to yes then when they view any members profile page that info will show up in the appropriate spot I have you display it. If I have their permission set to "NO" then they will still see the members profile but with the contact information section missing or a graphic or languge put in its place with instructions on how to be able to see this contact information.)

- I am interested in this module being made to work with the .64 version of postnuke right now with the existing members and users modules with modifications made to those tables only and adding any additional tables that are necessary to make this module work independent of the .64 version.

- the data collected will include all the standard data that is asked of in postnuke .64 version . I just need a way to collect additional data from the user and manage that additional data on the members list, admin edit users area, user sign up , user edit info page, and members profile pages.

- I am not interested in it being rogue compatible.

Please contact us if you feel you qualify for this project to discuss fees or other options.

Please note that once this module is completed that we will be releasing it back to the POSTNUKE community :

Richard Wing:


Blake Billings: