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PayPal Subscriptions!!!!

Contributed by on Jan 11, 2002 - 01:29 PM

Introduction to PayPal Subscriptions

How PayPal Subscriptions can help you offer subscription-based content

PayPal Subscriptions is a tool that will let you accept recurring payments for your service.

When you set up a Subscription, you can offer your subscribers a trial period, special introductory rates, and a regular rate.

Your subscribers will be billed automatically according to the terms you dictate, removing the

hassle of keeping track of what payments you have and have not received.

And it’s easy to set up. To get started, you just have to fill out a one-page form.

HTML code and an unique Subscription URL are automatically generated for you to paste on your website or send out via email.

If you’re comfortable dealing with some back-end code, PayPal also provides Instant Payment Notifications (server-to-server communications

that give you instant notification of all subscription activities), the ability to pre-populate your customer’s PayPal sign-up pages, and even some help with your subscription’s Password Management.

When you use PayPal Subscriptions, we’ll take care of the back-end payment operations, meaning you can focus on the content and quality of your subscription service.


I found out about this from a friend that I have done business with in the past that just wrote a cgi subscription manager script that uses paypal. He told me that it could be done in php but he doesn't have the time.

To get ideas for a postnuke subscriptions module go to his site and look at his full demo.

I am hoping some of you fantastic programmers will jump up and set up a module that will allow the postnuke community to set up subscription based websites.

Keep us posted if you plan to create this module so we can follow the status.

I hope this was of interest to the community.

Richard Wing