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PN .703 Release Notes

Contributed by on Jan 20, 2002 - 08:25 PM

The release process has been changed for .71 and subsequent releases to ensure better quality, and less frustration for you and us.

In the meantime, these are the fixes and changes that were incorporated in .703:


- changed security.php to return an array (Jim McDonald)

- ran Generate Modules (Webmaster)

- added some of the missing translations (me)

- replaced pn64.php with a newer version (Jim McDonald)

- updated version number in default message (Soren Grauslund)

- applied the newest pnRedirect code (me)

- removed superfluous table from dl-adddownload (Anonymous)

- added missing eng directories (Steven Feather)

- Fixed redirects in Recommend Us (Eugenio Baldi)

- Fixed Registration login (Bob Brown)

- Fixed some & in Poll comments (me)

- Generically fixed & in redirects (whyzzi)

- added missing to login (Peter Nelson)

- added missing to permissions (Michael Jansen)

- Fixed automated news (Jan Schrage)

- Fixed file include vulnerability (Jim McDonald)

- Fixed permission string for web links (Fred B)

- Fixed in Recommend Us (Andy Varganov)

- Fixed Referers

- Fixed Downloads

- Fixed Links Admin

- Fixed Banners Admin

- Deployed CSRF Exploit Fix (Jim McDonald, adam_baum)