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Confused by the Language Translation Tools

Contributed by on Jan 22, 2002 - 04:01 AM

For example, when I did a translation from English to Indonesian:

file /html/language/eng/admin.php contains 33 terms while /html/temp_lang/language/ind/admin.php contains only 12 terms.

This has somehow caused a missing translation here and there which is quite hard to detect until you came accross to it.

FYI, I used my previous PN064 Indonesian language files to start of with and keep adding translation to the /html/langauge/ind/missing.php as suggested by the Language translation Tolls Online Manual.

Due to the above observation, at one stage I decided to combine all the Indonesian definitions, sort it and select only the unique entries and save it to /htm/language/ind/global.txt and start a fresh translation.

Unfortunately, the results was the same. that is, the number of definitions differ between english (as the base) and the trnslated ones.

Is this a feature? or

Did I used the language tools incorrectly?

Any feedback would be appreciated.