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PostNuke .703 working configuration in Win2K

Contributed by on Jan 26, 2002 - 01:20 AM

To understand below table.

Yes::> Mean work just right after standard installed

No::> Mean not working right at the beginning but might work if edit or remove code not likely for most people.

PostNuke .64


Window 2000---PHP 4.0.6---PHP 4.1.1


Apache 2.0----->Yes---------->?


PostNuke .703


Window 2000---PHP 4.0.6---PHP 4.1.1


Apache 2.0----->Yes-------->No


From the result plus I need DBdebugger and PHPed to work together as well and here the result:

DBG 2.04rc1 & PHPed


Window 2000--PHP 4.0.6-PHP 4.1.1


Apache 2.0----->Yes----------No


DBG 2.10pl1 &PHPed


Window 2000--PHP 4.0.6--PHP 4.1.1

IIS---------------> Yes---------No

Apache 2.0-----> Yes----------No


As a result of both requirement.

I beleive to develop PostNuke .703 in Windows 2000 you bet settle with the following configuration.

PHP 4.0.6

Apache 2.0 (apache_2_0_28-beta-win32-x86-no_ssl)

DBG 2.04pl2 win32 package


Unfortunately the last one PHPed no longer free download. You probably need to pay or try PHPedit or PHPCoder

However with the help of people in PostNuke support forum, the above not working configuration can be resolved as it suppose to be. In fact the suggest I did here still need support anyway.

Good luck/enjoy


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