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Contributed by on Jan 27, 2002 - 07:57 PM

I was so excited about the economic implications of PostTEP that I registered The intent was to promote the Black Voodoo Clan for referrals and get design and graphic work for myself. Now I’m considering using to promote interest in PN within the community. Why? So I can get some paid help when I need it and to collaborate with other designers and programmers.

Long story short the devs at PostTEP sounded interested in but when it came down to discussing business planning, terms and marketing stuff we stopped communicating for whatever reason. Most likely the devs are buried in other client jobs and PostTEP.

How many Elancers have ever heard about PostNuke? The search engine results indicate few open source projects have ever been put up for bid. There is a big gap still between the open source and commercial development community that should be closed. It might just make somebody(s) very wealthy.

Here's what I intend to post at Any feedback or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Elance Project Description:

I am currently seeking PHP programmers who can work with 2 existing Open Source projects found at and Customization and feature enhancements are needed to the existing infrastructure. is an open source project seeking to go commercial as a business resource and developer refferal system for existing and start up e-businesses. The site will offer support and training for open source software as well as design services for the template system.

A commercial example of how PostNuke can be used in a business environment can be seen at


I need PHP code written to be added to a modular open source system that will allow me to keep tract of referrals fees and project tracking between web developers and clients.

The software needs to be general enough to allow devlopers to form client developer relationships with each other. I need to be able to manage categories of developers and project types relating to general industries.

I need for clients/members to be able to enter a password and user name to view project status and for developers to see a financial report reflecting referral and commission totals broken down per project and referral.