Flexible Content Management System


An XML backend for downloads

Contributed by on Feb 11, 2002 - 11:32 AM

So, how to integrate the content of this DB with my "XML/XSLT-based" module on PostNuke ?

I've created a "view" (the only "querying system" in Domino, if someone knows it) transforming the Documents+attachments content in a list of XML elements containing Descriptions, Categories, Files, Links and dates as subelements. I call it via the HTTP server embedded in Domino; then, with an XSL sylesheet i've transformed this content in Postnuke content, that inherits the theme and permission system, like all the data in my app.

Now, the idea.

I've seen that my "Download XML view" of the contents looks very similar to the .rss format used to import Headlines from other sites (Object desc, link, date and similar stuff). That was inspiring.

Why not to extend the backend mechanism to Downloads, and/or add it to the actual ? This can be useful in order to - for example - put all toghether Modules, Plugins, Themes downloads in specialized sites (The Postnuke official sites, for example ;-).

Someone is interested ?