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State of the Mutant and Beyond

Contributed by Anonymous on Jul 24, 2001 - 11:48 PM

On to the broader topic of the Mutant. We are planning on releasing the Mutant in the next few days. Right now, we have it tentatively scheduled for Thursday evening, unless a major bug is found. Please, don't hold me to that date, but we are tossing it around on the mailing list, to make sure we aren't missing anything.

The Mutant release is coming about from the hard work of several people that have spent several hours coding. Most of the changes you will notice will be with the Multi-Language and Advance Blocks system. We have also taken quite a bit of time to modularize a good portion of the components within the site. There have also been quite a few things that you may not notice with the optimization of the code.

Once released, we will evaluate the progress and then start adding the fun stuff. We are well on our way to testing the new users system, which will be a complete shift from PHP-Nuke. I don't have the project scope handy, but many if not all of the issues that have been asked in the past few weeks are being addressed. The new users system will be a more of a "Group" permission system, with individual user rights. Without really going into the details, this will be a major jump for our CMS version, and should address the concerns and usability for many people that are anxious about trying a new system.

We are also looking at the comments, content, install, themes, and addons in the coming weeks. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will Post-Nuke be, but we do have a nice start.

I will be posting the upcoming dev tasks this weekend once I hear back from everyone. I will also be posting the open tasks as well. Remember that this is an open development project. We do have goals that we want to meet, but if you would like to contribute, or help with our bug squashing (which we have a great crew doing right now) we are more than happy to have you.

Once again, thanks to all that have helped. Our goal of building a community is daily becoming realized.