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Url to a message?

Contributed by on Feb 12, 2002 - 11:33 AM

I was not happy with the way the link to "parent" messages worked and I have modified a line in modules/NS-Comments/index.php as follows (the only line containing the word "_PARENT":

echo " | "._PARENT."";

Which seems to work wonderfully when I move up the hierarky: if you click on "parent" it displays the parent messages and the children thread. The problem is when I get to the first child of a message that is the direct reply to an article. If I click on the link to his "parent" I would like to get the full article and the thread of all responses, but I only get (perhaps correctly) the messages and the thread and not the article story. What is most annoying is that this page does not have a style but just a white background. Any idea why?