Flexible Content Management System



Contributed by I'll put together an on Feb 15, 2002 - 11:40 AM

Can you please compile a seperate release of the latest postnuke version set up with the directory structure and sql in place for people that want to take advantage of this feature.

This way we can use it as an example to go by.

I as well as many others that have left posts in the forums and in the irc chat room can not completely figure out what we are to do to make this happen.

I think since the developer of this feature knows what he/she is doing that them creating a distribution that is specific to multisites functionality is the best and easiest solution.

I don't think I am alone in this and hope you will seriously consider this as a viable solution.

I think this will also cut down on the support time that it takes to field and answer all the questions concerning multisites. So in the long run the developers can continue working on their present projects rather than having to take time away from them to answer all our questions.

It seems that the only person that really knows what is going on with the multisite feature is the developer/creator of this feature.

The multisite feature is a really great idea I only wish I fully understood what to do to get it working.

Thanks for any assistance and I really appreciate all the great work that the developers are doing.

Richard Wing