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Rogue .71 Teaser

Contributed by on Feb 18, 2002 - 12:00 PM

I have left out the credits for what is new, but will be in our release notes. Special Recognition goes out to Jim McDonald (Core Development Manager) for the work that he has done on pnAPI, pnHTML, pnMod, and pnSessions, and the Modules Developer Guide. Other recognition goes out to Pablo Roca (Data Design Manager) for his work with the ADODB compliancy issues. Also of note Gary Mitchell, Gregor Rothfuss, Sascha Endlicher, Greg (adam_baum), Antonino Sabetta, Volodymyr Metenchuk, and many more for their work in making this release what it is. Sorry, for leaving out so many names, but my fingers are starting to bleed!

* What's New? *

Fully ADODB compliant -- works with PGSQL and MSSQL.

Session: Providing privacy to users is a priority, sessions provides you with a safer way of handling user logins without exposing information through the browser.

Three level security -- High, medium and low so that you can control when your users site access expires.

Improved performance -- optimization of many parts of the code, often through direct replacement, to improve performance throughout.

Improved stability - new core codebase provides far greater stability than any other Nuke variant

New default theme. -- fresh new look to your PostNuke. Voting on the default theme will take place this week.

Improved security -- new system for handling user input and automatically protecting sites against the most common PHP and cross-site attacks.

New modules system - allows for future versions of PostNuke to be backwards compatible with older modules, no more being stuck on an old version of PostNuke because you use a module which has not been upgraded.

Modules Developer Guide -- A full featured guide on how the API works.

E_ALL Errors corrected -- Errors that slowed performance, and left phantom problems in the codebase have all been corrected.

Blocks Performance Enhanced -- More optimizations to the core that fall under performance enhancements.

Configuration moved to database - site configuration now held in a database table for improved ease of use and speed of access. Also allows modules and plugins to add to the site configuration without the hacking of core scripts.

Admin control of themes -- allow users to control their theme or set a site-wide theme for all users through the use of a setting.

Dynamic User Data -- Allow you to choose what information to be collected on your site. In the beginning stages of development, but is very well integrated into the system.

Block hiding -- An admin configurable selection that gives the ability for users to hide any of the admin-defined blocks if they do not wish to see them.

XML-RPC Integration -- More on this closer to release!

Ratings Module -- By itself, does nothing, but is a tool for module developers to add ratings to content without having to develop new code.

Center Blocks (Otherwise known as Centre Blocks) -- Now the ability to add center blocks in conjunction with left and right blocks.

*End Spoiler*

More announcements to follow. .71 is feature packed, and is very close to being a complete rewrite of the core. More work has been packed into this release than any other. We have managed to close most of the loose ends with the separation of the core from the modular functionality. This release is in my opinion a giant step towards the 1.0 release and is in complete compliance with our roadmap.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that this gives you a little insight on what is to come!