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Kids! remember to Duck and Cover!

Contributed by on Feb 20, 2002 - 11:41 AM

Next to be installed will be game modules and the real-time web chat, which is currently being replaced as the old one lacked robustness. No joke, though. This classroom's website is the envy of all the other classes that have put up a site because, as all you nukers know, it is dynamic and interactive... the two essential ingredients in cooking up repeat website hits. All the other sites at the school are either static or have a very, very unhappy and busy webmaster trying to create a dynamic illusion.

For the time being I have removed the .htaccess pedophile block so all may have a look. Please leave your thoughts, comments or anything else in my email, post on or post here. I would love to know what you think. Please don't bother registering or posting on this site as the posts will most likely never see the light of day.

Here are some touches I added which I feel better gears the site to the non-technical student/parent/teacher audience

  • I removed the standard Main Menu entries and expanded the description by function right on the menu itself. Non-applicable menu items were removed.
  • The Photo Block, which ties in with the PostNuke ready PHP written photo album from is great for not only showing classroom pictures (currently removed whilst the .htaccess is off) but is also a great way to show artwork of the kids. This is a big draw.
  • The Sunclock is also very interesting to the scientifically minded kids, which disappointingly to me, is not very many of them. Though this particular Sunclock image is actually a real-time rip from another site of an image which is way to big (thus a slow load) the rpm's are readily available. In fact, I will put them in the download area in along with a copy of this article.
  • The Messaging System, promoted as a private email without Internet access make the parents feel the kids are safe sending and receiving email from only those who are registered.
  • The teacher loves having 24-hour access for announcement posting or calendar updating.
  • The forum, which has just been put up, I expect, will be a focal point for discussions about middle schools the children may attend someday, along with what is playing at the local movie theatre

    If you are thinking of creating a school site, or if you already have, be sure to share your ideas and feel free to analyze this site to rip any ideas you see. Write and let me know of school sites you put up.

    One side note. The school administration has seen the site and has asked me to do the school's official site, pro bono. I have agreed with the understanding that I can promote myself and run some banner ads. I expect this will be some awesome exposure.

    Keep on Nuken'!

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