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Corporate Implementation of PostNuke

Contributed by on Feb 21, 2002 - 08:50 PM


Due to the events of 9-11 and the fact that our company was decentralized, the need has arisen for an integrated knowledge transfer/management system. Corporate intranets began as the " new way to communicate", having now boundries and little if any integration. Great ideas, but poorly executed.

After the over priced presentation, touting non other than MS Share Point Portal Software, had ended, I turned to management and said with in open mind and less than a 1/16th of the cost we can get the same result.

The Solution

You guessed it...PostNuke!!!

There will be over 20 Locations using the customized PN system for daily news updates, Event's/Calendar, Policies & Procedures, Surveys and Achievement Recognition, just to name a few.

What are we going to use?

Answer: We will be employing 3 servers + Load Balancing

System Configuration

  • Dual Intel® Pentium® III processors @ 1.266GHz

  • 1GB Total SDRAM 133MHz (2x512) per server

  • Wide Ultra2/Ultra3 Hot Plug Drive Bays (2x1")

  • Integrated Smart Array Contoller Module

  • RAID 1

  • 2X - 18GB Ultra3 SCSI Hard Drive (10,000 rpm)

  • High Speed IDE Low Profile CD-ROM

  • Two (2) NC3163 PCI 10/100 WOL embedded

  • Red Hat Linux 7.2, Intel Standard

  • 1 Load Balancer


My main concern with this new system will be fail-over and redundency, daily archival of MySQL database and load balencing. Besides the painstaking task of untangling the current mess and developing a sound IA that will fit into PN.

Call for HELP!!!

Anyone having experience in the areas mentioned above, do share your experiences.



DISCLAIMER: Although, I will be unable to grant access so you can take a look-see at what I have done, be on the lookout for more information on the progress of my project. I plan on releasing benchmarking and implementation information in the near future.