Flexible Content Management System


Need for configurable options and industry-specific patches

Contributed by on Feb 24, 2002 - 01:04 PM

Since the one-size-fit-all concept of PN may not work for many of us, I would like to propose following development strategies:

  • Users should be able to turn off specific features, such as free registration, in the admin panel without tampering with the core code. These flags should be globally available so that blocks and modules can adjust accordingly.

  • Users should be able to inactivate certain fields in forms (registration, submit news, web links, etc.) via admin panels.

  • Users should be able to add additional codes via "user exits" predefined in the core code. One example would be calling external authentication system for userid/password verification.

  • Creation of industry-specific patches. I work with an off-the-shelf ERP system and it comes with many industry-specific solution patches to transform the one-size-fit-all ERP system to an industry-specific ERP system. Likewise, it would be nice to have standard patches for unique sites like corporate, members-only, paid-subscription, pay-per-use, etc. to transform the standard PN to "industry-specific" PNs.

I know these takes time and discipline to implement but I think the pay-off will be enormous.