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PostNuke in the Classroom, Part Deux

Contributed by on Feb 24, 2002 - 01:07 PM

One of my longer titles for an article, no doubt. Earlier this week I posted an article about a site I put up for a school on the California/Oregon border that went over so well I was asked to put up a site for the entire elementary school. (See 20-feb-02 YAPNS: Kids! remember to Duck and Cover! regarding ) All I can say is wow. I recieved quite a few emails from people in various stages of similiar projects. Some are at the conceptual stage and are stuck. Others had completed sites they wanted me to see, all of which had unique features that frankly, I wish I had thought of! Bottom line is there are many people out there with great intentions and some of them need help from those of us who do not-- well from those of us who do not need as much help. I don't think I have met anyone yet who has all the answers, sabe the cab driver who took me from the Kansas City airport to my hotel in '99. I thought he actually did have all the answers and then later that day it occurred to me he couldn't possibly. I mean, he was living in Lansas City for crying out loud.

In contrast to the different stages of development and the many unique ideas I saw was a commonality in that all who wrote either inferred or outright stated that a central focal point for this concept would be a good thing.

To that end, I have set up an alias for all who are interested to sign up on. Time permitting I will put up majordomo in the future. I also have a domain/website which is at present floundering for a purpose, so I guess this is it. I willm over the next week or so, gear for the purpose facilitating the exchange of ideas of people interested in PostNuke and websites in general for the classroom.

Long Live PostNuke