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PostNuke in the Classroom, The Ribbon is Cut!

Contributed by on Feb 26, 2002 - 03:30 AM

Well, the distribution list is up on (I have changed it from both aliases will still work) I don't have major-domo running yet so just send a note asking to be added and I will do just that.

Better yet, go to the new home of PostNuke in the Classroom --- or any other type of network medium in the classroom you want to talk about, then register and sign on to to share your inights. There is plenty of free soda in the break room to keep the cafeine coursing through your veins. After all this is school!!!.

I am very excited that introducing my daughters third grade website on created the storm of interest it has, as well as being proud to host this new site.

Bring your ideas along and drop in. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, web designer, parent, student, engineer-- or just curious. Your thoughts and insights are what is going to make this site rock. I could use some assistance if anyone has the ability to help out in the area of a banner and some topic graphics to start. In reality, I think I as well as everyone else can all lean on each other a bit when it comes to how to make a child's learning experience more fruitful. It will be something to see what happens when we all work together.

After all... it's all about the children.

Snip, Snip!

Welcome -- John