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Calling all Module and Themes developers...

Contributed by on Feb 26, 2002 - 05:01 PM

What's going on with modules?

The bad news - modules will need to be rewritten in order to be 'native' to PostNuke 0.71 and above.

The good news - the new ModulesAPI will now allow all modules to keep working with subsequent releases of PostNuke. As long as a module is coded with the API, compatibility with future releases is assured.

The better news - the new pnLegacy code will allow running existing legacy modules within this layer, in order to allow your modules to work practically unmodified, until you port them over to the new API.

Currently, pnLegacy is going through tests, as we are trying to figure out all function calls that legacy modules make, so they can be integrated. To this end, I encourage you to download the latest CVS builds (which are published daily at

(NOTE: These CVS builds are NOT intended for production environments.

Or simply grab them via anonymous CSV checkout.

(NOTE: These CVS builds are NOT intended for production environments. It can't be said enough)

Last but not least, if you know of any other module and themes developers you believe can benefit from being on this list, please let me know.