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PostNuke in the real world

Contributed by Nearly all the issue on Mar 01, 2002 - 04:43 AM

During development I was baffled by the number of problems I encountered especially when it came to Themes. So many generated bizarre text on screen and even at times entries in my apache logs. I settled on 1 Theme and tried to test every aspect before going live. Yes, I now find that users of Netscape 4.73 on 256 color have problems even with the StyleNN.css correct.

I am now being bombarded by e-mails and really can't keep up. I submitted a bug regarding the user sign up process but no replies yet. Bottom line, the security concept works but is too complex for the average user. The process of join, get random password, be able to follow case sensitivity in the login process and if that doesn't work, get a confirmation code is just to much. Regarding the bug, When a user receives a confirmation code and fills in all 3 fields (username, e-mail, confirmation code) the system sends another confirmation code instead of a password. If the e-mail field is left blank it works correctly.

Now I don't want to seem prejudice but over 70% of the users of my site are AOL users. And while many are very skilled, a good portion require a slightly lower level of processing to be able to use an interactive site (was that P.C. or what??).

I really think PostNuke is a great program but for a high volume site of less than tech savvy users can result in an administrative nightmare. No, I'm not going back to an old format and will do my time replying to e-mails and changing passwords for users who can't log in but fair warning to anyone looking to deploy in a less that geek laden environment.