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Postnuke Modifications - Interested ?

Contributed by on Mar 10, 2002 - 05:17 AM

The mods are based on 0.6.4, so a little out of date now (these were done around november last year). They were for a community website at so you can see them in action there if you want.

- Submit News Wizard: This was for a really technophobe audience, so tried to make it a simple as possible.

- Pop-up menu (javascript): this is dynamically regenerated when changes are made to topics

- Navigation tree: as above. We wanted an (apparent) hierarchical topic structure

- (Very specific) Coordinates field added to topics so that they could be associated with a map

- WAP access

- Articles with Embedded Pictures and document attachements (not just HTML, needed to be user friendly)

- Events and Calendar: I've seen others since, but mine was an extension to the existing article submision rather than completely separate (bad move probably !)

- Mailing list facility: Others I found weren't automated. Mine lets us setup future weekly mails in advance. It also trawls the articles and events.

These additions required changes to the database and changes/additions to some of the core code and (eg config.php, header.php and some modules). Some minor, others major. So its not the sort of thing you'd want to implement in isolation like I had to.

Most other things on the website are pretty standard, a few things are extensions on the above (eg site map).

Lessons Learnt: I knew it at the time, but needed certain facilities for our specific purpose - of course I'll now be stuck at 0.6.4 for some time to come, and need to manually verify any patches and enhancements that come along.

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