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Job Offer: Module Writer

Contributed by on Mar 11, 2002 - 12:01 PM


We are happy with GPL.

We are happy for GPL release to this community

We are happy to PAY (PAYPAL or Western Union)

The Rules:

We want someone to work on our modules very-part-time. They are not too complex and most people here can do it - even me (im too busy)

We want them done in super fast time (as always)

We pay the cash on delivery of a DEMO hosted wherever. Source code follows payment.

Credits are maintained for the writer. As is authorship. As is distribution. As is release to the community.

The person chosen for module #1 get 1st right of refusal to do module #2 etc.

Module #1:

Create mysql table for registered users that can be updated with daily values e.g $ or % or other stats from third party source (txt, xls, mysql etc).

*graph* a logged in users data accumulated since registration using jpgraph (required) in blocks and other html pages

*graph* and *tabularize* lots of statistics for the user from mysql table above or third party source.

Thats it pretty much.

Should be pretty simple no?

We'll pay the going rate. how much? bidding starts today. email with your bid and a brief of what youve done.

Thanks lot.


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