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Membership ecommerce gateway.

Contributed by on Mar 12, 2002 - 12:00 PM

I was hoping that these could be used to enable us the ability to charge for membership to our sites or charge to upgrade status to a higher permission level. I think this would be a great standard feature of postnuke with the ability to turn that option on or off to suit the needs of the webmasters.

With this we should have the ability to automatically set higher levels of permission or allow registration because pay pal can send the info we require back to our postnuke script to process the user after payment.

If we set up re-occuring billing with paypal then it will automatically suspend or turn off access to that user for non-payment till we turn them back on.

See description and link below.


PHP class is designed to work with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification system. When someone sends you money via PayPal, either with send money, single item purchase, or shopping cart purchase, PayPal can send the information to a script on your server. All of the information sent from PayPal is in a POST ($HTTP_POST_VARS), so using the information (emailing it or inserting it into your database) is the easy part. The more complicated part is that PayPal requires you to send an identical POST back to PayPal to verify the order. After that it sends a response which tells you if it was a valid order (i.e. came from PayPal), or invalid (i.e. someone tried to run your script manually). This verification is what this class will do for you.

An example script comes with the class that should give you a clear example of how to use the class. In fact, you can probably use the example script as a template for your final script - just add your own processing information near the bottom of the script (i.e. inserting the order into a database, etc).

For more information on how the PayPal IPN system works and what variables are sent, please check the documentation on PayPal's web site.

Home page to read more and get the free download here!

Hope this is useful to the developers out there.

Richard Wing