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Contributed by on Mar 12, 2002 - 05:35 PM

  • You'll receive answers more quickly (and even more quickly if you perform a search first! Read <a href=>nice guy eddie's guide to quicker answers)

  • It will remove a tremendous amount of clutter off the PN front page so important news and updates and release information will be easily spotted

  • Sharing common problems will enable the entire community to share with troubleshooting issues in one, single, searchable repository

  • Everyone will be truly grateful to you and recognize how astute you are with your superior navigational and organizational skills

  • News submissions will be approved more quickly since there will be less clutter requiring review

  • You'll receive quicker answers as support personnel are focused on the forums and you won't have to wait for your news article to be approved.

  • And if those reasons aren't sufficient by themselves... you'll receive quicker answers!

    Thank you for helping us improve organization on
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