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Corporate Ideas - Forum Discussion & Mailing List

Contributed by on Mar 13, 2002 - 01:43 AM

Tool #1:

A new forum labeled "Corp Ideas" has been created on the PostNuke site. This forum is a method in which to document (in one central location) everyone's ideas and solutions to situations they have encountered while integrating a PostNuke site into an Intranet or Commercial endeavor. Click here to enter the forum.

Tool #2:

A mailing list, hosted and run, by the PN team can be subscribed to at this address: My hope is that this list will be used in a similar manner as the PN Dev list for building new PN modules or PN modifications.

These tools are great additions to the PN community and I hope that all the ideas and solutions generated within them can be utilized and tied back into the PostNuke system for the benefit of all.