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Doing a clean install and restoring sql data.

Contributed by on Mar 18, 2002 - 09:52 PM

"View dump (schema) of database" for my sql database?

I've tried to find a good expanation for this but have never been able to come up with something the lay person can understand.

In particular if I choose to do a completely "NEW" install of the latest version of PostNuke by wiping everything clean (after backing up of course).

Deleting everything might be by choice or it might be becasue the upgrade went terribly wrong and everything is screwed up.

What is the best way to backup my SQL database with phpMyAdmin? What options do I check off before saving the file. What the F&%^k does all this s#$t mean? PLEASE HELP!!!:

Which one/s do I tic off in the following list of four options? What does this stuff mean?

Add 'drop table'?

Complete inserts??

Extended inserts???

Use backquotes with tables and fields' names????

Save to file... I KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!!

And which one of these three items is the best one to choose and why?

-Structure only?

-Structure and data??

-Data only???

Many thanks!