Flexible Content Management System


Sub-root and cross-server Multisites?

Contributed by on Mar 19, 2002 - 06:22 PM

On server1, I want to run 4 different PN sites without having to have that many installations to limit upgrade hassles. The sites would share some data, but not all. Mostly users would be shared and I'd like to have different themes running.

For server2, My second question is can I install PN on one server and have it running (as a mulitisite) on other servers, or can PN at least pull the data from SQL on one server.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to (hopefully easily) setup PN for author's sites with all of the members and some other select data centralized from my server. Like a reading network.

I'd like to give the authors (people that are complete newbies) access to some of the features of PN (calendar, easy news posting, polls, etc) for their sites, but all of the memebers would be part of my centralized database. Then, no matter which site they found their way to, joining one site would put them in the central database.

That way I could share and control banner space, ads, and other features with the authors able to have their own look, some of their own data, etc.

To make it clear, I want to run a network whereby I control which features & themese appear on each site, give them access via permissions, but save them from the everything but form-based entering. They know nothing of CSS or PHP or SQL, etc...and I know they don't want to!

Does this make sense? Any idea? perhaps this could be accomplished in some way I am not thinking of.

I'm open to all suggestions, hints and clues. Paid or otherwise.