Flexible Content Management System


Plans for more complete documentation?

Contributed by on Mar 19, 2002 - 06:24 PM

I was reading through the system documentation and they seem to be a little behind with the new release... also all documentation ends with the FAQ section - the documentation seems sparse and incomplete... Documentation should be less geeked and more geared to the nontechnical user... also, for the module developers, shouldn't there be some variable definitions, how to's (how to call someone's name, avatar, etc...) it all seems rather cryptic... This to date seems to be the biggest stumbling block for postnuke is the lack of readable documentation... I love postnuke and hope to see it continue to grow and be a killer system

Also an observation I made...

When you see the user login block on the postnuke site and the subdomains for blocks and themes, you see the "remember me" checkbox option. However on the site that option is not available.

Does anyone know if that is a feature that the admin can set for that block or is it a bug of the system?

Richard Wing