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Creating your own database tool in Nuke

Contributed by We have tossed aroun on Jul 26, 2001 - 10:33 AM

Then imagine you want to allow all visitors to the intrnaet (only registered users) to query this database, say by name of town oder name of company.

Big deal! You might say. Just modify the user.php and memberlist.php and there you go.

Right. But can you imagine that there is anybody in the Nuke community who needs exactly THIS feature? Probalby one person wants to add addresses, another one wants to add company profiles and another one just wants to add some products with details.

All ideas require that you can decide via and admin tool:

- which fields you need,

- how many fields you need,

- which fields can be searchable

- which fields contain the primary key

Then this system would create the appropriate tables in the Nuke database.

Now special registered users (with the new user system the assigning of different groups promises to work) could enter their data in the appropriate fields.

The "normal" registered user could call the page and search for some criteria.

Just imagine companies putting their job ads online. O.k., classified ads system, you might say. But the idea I had was to create a totally dynamic classified ads system where each user can decide himself, how it is going to be used.

Does anybode have an idea where to obtain such a system or would anybody like to tackle it? I can give ideas, unfortunately I am not a programmer.

Cheers and thanks for your attention.