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Customizing Text in PN0.71

Contributed by on Mar 21, 2002 - 11:50 AM

I mean, customizing the text that is sent in emails (recommend us, user reg., etc.).

I would like to see that there are completly seperate text files for these emails, for example. I believe that active user communication (e.g. with a newsletter) is crucial for a community system to work! Therefore it would be nice, if a little more effort could be put on these communicative issues - especially so that the drafts can be saved easily when doing an upgrade to the next PN version).

The newsletter modules around are already pretty neat. I would like to see something like this incorporated into all the emails that can be sent to a user by PN.

Additionally, what does the community think of a "switch" to disable or enable things like:

Posted by: titus on Mar 19, 2002 - 04:37 AM

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I personally run a few news sites which don't need this information. Perhaps this would be cool:

Posted by: titus (03/19/2002)

As of Mutant 0.64, I have been hacking this manually into the index.php. I am getting a bit tired of this though which is why I am asking for a switch solution.

As I think that these thoughts might be of interest to the community, I did not (only) post them as a feature request on SF (although I did, seperately).

I just want to know what you guys think!

Thanks for your comments,


PS: Greetings from Hawaii!