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Rogue .711 Release

Contributed by on Mar 24, 2002 - 05:26 PM

Changelog for PostNuke 0.71.1. I believe Jim McDonald should recieve credit for most of these fixes.

- AOL users and other users with dynamic proxies or IP addresses can now log in and use PostNuke sites as normal

- Sites can now display HTML entities in their text (e.g. {) by setting the appropriate option in the administration settings panel

- Voting on polls should now behave itself better

- Minor fix in weblinks block for some php.ini settings

- Various fixes to langauge files

- Can now delete stories without errors

- Fix for those with News permissions to be able to add stories

- HTML tags now show correctly in comments

- Editing permissions no longer resets the group in some situations

- Extralite theme now works correctly on all PHP setups

- Whitespace removed from mainfile.php

- Repeatedly previewing a story no longer gives an authorisation error

- Fix for error when viewing FAQ with story-related blocks on the left-hand menu

- HTML display of email addresses now works on all browsers