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PostNuke takes over the Kingdom of Bahrain's official website!

Contributed by on Mar 28, 2002 - 10:54 AM

Although the activity now on centers around the forthcoming elections (Municipality Elections due on May 9th, we will re-gear the site for the Parliamantery Elections due in October 24, 2002) we intend to make the site a true Bahraini portal serving the local and international communities with topical and helpful information about our Kingdom.

We're looking to customize PN711 as well and will migrate into 711 as soon as we finish that job. was previously running custom code developed in-house. During it's brief history (original site launced in February 2002) until today after the conversion to PostNuke, we have had more than 500,000 hits! So it could also serve to "stress-test" PostNuke. It is also worth noting that this is the very first government site running completely on Linux (RedHat 7.2) so that's another battle won!

As the proof of concept is now done, we are looking for a full time PostNuke developer to live in our lovely Kingdom for an initial period of one year. The candidate must be completely savvy with PostNuke's programming, customization, and very good at writing custom modules. If any of you are interested in spending some time in the sun, please contact me at and let's start talking!

I would like to thank all the PostNuke developers for their dedication and the wonderful product they created, I hope now that I will be able to release all Arabisation and customization done back to the community so that others will benefit.

I think the first in the pipeline is to release the Arabic translations for PostNuke 711 once the team of translators are done with it, later you will receive our recommendations that hopefully will get some attention from the developers, the most difficult part of the job was removing all the ALIGN statements and replacing them with variables in the language file as well as ensuring that the "right-to-left" directionality required in Arabic is good. Some of that work has been done in the core files as well unfortunately but that was the only way we can get the right-to-left and left-to-right directionality to work correctly.

Go PostNuke!

Best regards

Mahmood Al-Yousif