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More uniform style sheets .711

Contributed by on Mar 31, 2002 - 12:47 PM

Possible advantages:

Easier and quicker to lear and teach SS usage.

Easier to make similar changes in every SS, for each theme.

Easier to spot errors, add funtionality, ...


Style sheet format from PostNukeSilver was loosely applied to SS found in other themes. No attempt was taken to make SS appear completely uniform. This is only one step forward. Please improve on it.

Intentional changes affecting functionality:

SeaBreeze theme SS (for IE):

Link movement under hover was removed. If needed, you can re-enable it by editing .pn-normal a:link, see comment.

.pn-logo (for IE) was behaving 'unexpectedly'. A possible multiple instance was removed, some colors were changed, font-size was fixed, and letter-spacing was changed to 2px.

Style sheets for other themes:

No intentional changes (affecting functionality) was made.

Other details:

No changes at all were made to PostNukeSilver stylesheet for Netscape (styleNN.css) as it was labelled being still under development.

Download from here and use or improve as you please.

Thanks for all the excellent work PN team has done!

Greetings, justus