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Some mysql related postnuke questions (help!!)

Contributed by on Apr 01, 2002 - 11:17 AM

1) I'm trying to customize the news module for my own purposes by adding a few additional form entries. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how to go about editing the mysql database to do this. Can I just go into the mysql database through the command line and add extra columns to the nuke_queue table, or will this break postnuke?

2) I would probably be more cavalier about testing out solutions to the above problem if I knew how to backup my sql database properly. I've read of a few different ways, but I've had problems getting it to work. The two methods I've come across are

a) backup Table sql command followed by a restore table sql command

b) mysqlhotcopy followed by mysqlimport

The problem with these methods is they end up spewing out 100's of files which I'm not really sure what to do with. The 3 extensions I'm seeing are .MYI, .MYD and .FRM. To import all these tables, must I call restore table or sqlimport on each of these tables individually, or is there a quicker way?

3) Say I want to deploy a mirror of my site on another computer. What is the preferred method? I've tried copying all the files, then doing the mysqlhotcopy followed by mysqlimport, but am still having difficulties. Is there anything else I need to do to get a mirror of my site up and running on another machine?

4) Last question: Is there any password encryption implemented for postnuke, or are they going out in cleartext? Has anyone thought about implementing SSL? I might try making a module to do that, if it is not too difficult. But I don't want to waste my time if it's already done.

Thanks for reading this far. Hope to hear some constructive input on these issues. I think others would also benefit a lot from getting answers to these questions, so I encourage anyone who's "in the know" to share the love a bit.

Keep up the nuking.

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