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SuperBB v1.26 released!

Contributed by on Apr 03, 2002 - 04:16 AM

The team currently comprises three devs. Pablo Roca and Harry Zink have joined Mark Summerlin in creating this team for the continued development of what promises to be the most powerful free forum software available on the net. Based on PN-Cyboards, which is based on the original Cyboards written by Jason (Virgil) Smith.

SuperBB! is made for PostNuke CMS.

This first version is a stable release and has gone through extensive testing, and is currently being used at where the software is put to the real test of usage by a large PN community.

Most changes in this release include:

• All known bugs fixed.

• database indexes improved for speed

• .71 compatibility thru pastnuke module

• A few html improvements

Easy to install. Just read the readme.txt in the docs folder when you download it. Be especially attentive to the new install or upgrade procedures in that readme.

As always, problems may arise. If they do, please report them as well as any feedback in the forums so we can see what the problem is. A special forum for SuperBB! feedback has been created - you can access it here: SuperBB! Forum

Be patient on responses, as sometimes our business and personal lives may keep us from responding promptly. For this, apologies.

You can find the file in the downloads area of, the current home of SuperBB!, so have fun!

The SuperBB! Development Team