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PostNuke 0.712 released

Contributed by on Apr 04, 2002 - 06:48 PM

Changelog for PostNuke 0.712

  • Members list now displays logged-on users in saner fashion

  • Discrepancy between Who's online block and Members List module fixed

  • Posting comments with special characters now works more of the time

  • Web links now show HTML in descriptions

  • Login message now shows correctly on smaller displays

  • Censoring now obeys the censor setting

  • Listing all stories in a topic no longer gives an error

  • Autolinks with '/' in them no longer break autolinking

  • New blocks pay attention to language settings

  • Modules module keeps better track of the versions of modules available to it

  • Modules are now allowed to have more than one active hook

  • Systems that do not supply their server information through HTTP_SERVER_VARS are now catered for correctly

  • Editing of autonews stories now works correctly

  • News stories no longer allow URLs in their title

  • Quotation marks in HTML are no longer corrupted in early versions of PHP

  • Emails with URLs in them now display properly

  • Pager now handles an unset startnum