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News is now powered by PostNuke! Out with Netobjects in with the new.

Contributed by on Apr 06, 2002 - 01:25 AM

Post Nuke had a much more defined vision and was going for it. I like the small community and how informative and responsive it is.

Our PBX community seem to embrace the new features and design fairly well. Our old site was built using Netobjects you can view it here

It literally took 20 minutes to get the site installed and working!

Syndicate our news is a very cool feature.

We are on PN 7.0.3 soon to be upgrading when the modules catch up with compatibility.

Here are the Mods on our site:

(Most are working ;)

Message Board: PN_phpBB14


Version : 0.6.8

Instant message client for your Postnuke private messages

CrackNuke Classifieds

CrackNuke Software (Jon Allen)] Version : 0.1.2

CrackNuke Classifieds Module Journals Module

[Shannon Brooks] Version : 9.9d

Allows users to have journals.

Ephemerids Admin [Francisco Burzi] Version : 1.2

A 'This day in history' type module.

EZCMS [View/run module] [Bob Brown] Version : 2.0.1

Easy Content Creator

Glossary [View/run module] [Richard Tirtadji] Version : 1.1

Its show glossary that allow user to understand some abbreviation in the websites

Guestbook [View/run module] [Richard Tirtadji] Version : 2.1

Guestbook for PostNuke

Monthly News Archives [View/run module] [Michael Meyer - The PostNuke Project] Version : 1.5a

Displays archives of the news in a monthly fashion

NukeAddOnInstall [View/run module] Version :

PostCalendar [View/run module] [The PostCalendar Team] Version : 2.55

PostNuke Calendar Module

Semantics [View/run module] [Chad Kraeft / Francisco Burzi / Richard Tirtadji] Version : 2.0

Semantics Dictionary System for PostNuke Rogue .7

Subjects [View/run module] [Jaroslaw Gilewski] Version : 1.0b2

Displays Subjects on Site


Version : 0.22

Member Points Module


Version : 2.1

Weather information capture from MSNBC based on Meteo Live 1.0

Feel free to check us out or sindicate our news



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