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A Search Engine Friendly PN

Contributed by Nice article, with s on Apr 07, 2002 - 08:27 PM

It's a bit ironic that during the same week PN members release two separate hacks for creating html pages we would see a google index released that shows googles capability of spidering an entire PN site. The googlebot picked up pages, not normally crawled, from glossaries, photo galleries, links etc.

At issue is the fact that while these pages are now indexed in google, their relevance in searches is minimized because of the lack of ability to add titles, and in the case of other search engines that use keywords, metatags for keywords for the pages produced by these different modules.

I quicky applied title hacks for my own recently index pages from the modules, however, it's a case of one title has to fit all. For example, my Nature Photography section now has 850 pages spidered but all the titles are the same because of the limitations of the hack (i.e., you can only put one title tag in the index.php file).

Over a seven month course of using PN, I have shied away from using sections, FAQs, reviews and other modules because google did not pick up on them and they did not have title and meta tags.

On the other hand, I concentrated on using the news/articles module because of the use of article.php, which provided both shorter urls (that the google bot would crawl )and title tags which provided a better opportunity for search engine optimization and placement.

I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of other PN members related to their needs and hopes regarding the upcoming (search engine friendly) reshaping of the content management portion of PN that is scheduled for the .8 release.

Can there be a standard way to add title and meta tags to the module system?