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Nuke Portal Hacking Incident Update!

Contributed by As a general rule I on Apr 08, 2002 - 10:33 PM

If I missed any hacking incident for PostNuke portal. I would like to know it, drop me a message to

PHPNuke websites mostly hacked by "hax0rs" group. Visit <a href="" target=_blank> and search for hax0rs ( 0 as zero).

Archive PHPNuke incident from <a href="" target=_blank>Alldas.Org -Defacer Tzunami year of 2001.

For PHPNuke user, upgrade your nuke to the latest release v5.5 though I'm not sure if this version address the current vulnerability of PHPNuke. PHPNuke v5.6 is coming with security update, visit for more information.

I will complete this security analysis to give you feedback later this week.

Have a secure working environment to everyone.

TheWatcher of BlackHat.Info