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Advice for corporate implementation of PN

Contributed by on Apr 17, 2002 - 10:59 AM

Firstly is the News/Articles section. I know that this is due for a major rework in the 0.8 release, however in the interests of ease of upgrading from 0.71 I wanted to know how the new system was going to be structured.

There appears to be little logical relationship between categories and topics at the moment, I am under the impression that categories are more generic in use that topics, but is this going to be the case under 0.8? Are categories going to become main categories, with topics as sub categories under them, i.e.

Category Topic

Dogs > Poodles

> Spanials

Cats > Black cats

> Big cats

The other main issue, is with multiple levels of access, and paid for access. So a site may have Unregistered, Registered and Gold members with users getting progressively greater access to content. Will the new articles system allow articles t be published not only under a category/sub-category, but also for a level of user?

Integrating a CC payment system into the user sign-up would also be interesting, although I don't want to go too far down this road with modifications to the core user module, without an idea of the best way of leaving access to upgrades. Has anyone else played with the idea of integrating online payment for levels of membership (this would be a CC payment gateway, rather than something like PayPal)

Anyway, I've probably rambled enough, anyone's ideas or experiences would be interesting.