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PostNuke as an application framework?

Contributed by on Apr 19, 2002 - 12:36 AM

Think about it; PostNuke supplies everything that an application developer would want even for creating a stand-alone application:

* a user system

* permissions system

* theme system

* security

* installation structure

* multi language support

* multi database support

* search API

* there's probably more that I'm not even thinking of right now.

And it really wouldn't take much more developer effort to do it. Essentially, the framework would be a stripped down version of PostNuke, containing none of what we previously thought of as modules (like downloads, news, links, etc.) but did contain the modules necessary to support the above 'framework' items. The installer wouldn't create all the extra SQL for the modules, and the included theme would be sparse (and fast) and would name the 'template' module as the start page.

It would give developers a head start in creating their new scripts, teach them sound programming practises by example, and the PostNuke community would end up with many more modules to choose from that would normally have to be converted first.

A Win-Win situation for everybody.