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PostNuke Staff Relations Position Filled

Contributed by on Apr 19, 2002 - 12:38 AM

The position of Assistant to the Operations Manager was created in response to our need for more developer and staff coordination for the purposes of retention and productivity, as well as to provide a direct point of contact for prospective developers. The Assistant to the Operations Manager position will assume the management of recruitment, staffing and training with a focus on acquiring and retaining quality developers and staff of all levels to support the development of the PostNuke Content Management System.

Mr. Robeson was selected as the premier candidate due to his proven dedication to the project and strong working knowledge of the PostNuke code base. His established rapport with developers and users alike, as well as his active presence on the PostNuke IRC network will continue to serve him well in this new capacity.

The duties related to this position will be simply relegated to the collection and disbursement of information relating to the staffing needs of individual projects such as core, block, theme, module and documentation development. Regular communication with the team leaders and members of various departments is required in order to have the ability to properly assess the needs of each department. The primary mission will be to communicate with the general public with the objective of recruitment and retention of volunteers in mind, and the suitable placement of those volunteers. Mr. Robeson will similarly be responsible for keeping an up-to-date staff roster and organizational chart, which will be updated and available to the general public on a regular basis.

Further duties will include the assisting the Operations and Support Managers design a web-based resource for the automation of these and other development processes.

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Steve MacGregor (grape)