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Upgrading .71x to .713

Contributed by Thanks for the remin on Apr 22, 2002 - 11:04 AM

Now, to quote from the original post..

This version of PostNuke includes a new version of the autolinks code, as the old one had a number of bugs and performance issues which required a

re-write of the module. Before installing this patch please go to the Modules administration screen and deactivate and remove the 'Autolink' module.

Once this has been done you can remove the following files/directories from your PostNuke directory:



and apply the patch. Once the patch has been applied run 'Regenerate' from the Modules administration screen, and initialise and activate the new Autolinks module. To get autolinks working with news, edit the 'News' module from the Modules administration screen and select the 'Activate Autolinks for this module' checkbox.

This patch has no database changes so no upgrade scripts need to be run to migrate from 0.712 to this version.

So, good luck, and ask in #postnuke-support (Click here for web based chat) if you have any more questions.