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A Contest for a Community Network Open Source Package

Contributed by Seems like they are on Apr 23, 2002 - 11:21 AM

Web hosting -- multiple sites in directories under a single domain name (e.g., or virtual hosting (e.g. FTP access, PHP scripting support, and email reply form support (could be a CGI or PHP) are minimum requirements.

Email -- Civic groups typically need two or more email accounts to assist with Web site management and group management. POP3 accounts are required, and a Web-based email interface is very desirable. Email accounts may use a common domain name (e.g. or use a custom domain (e.g.

Mailing lists -- civic groups typically use one or two mailing lists as information channels to their membership and to the public. Mailing lists may use a common domain name (e.g. or use a custom domain (e.g.

Discussion forum -- civic groups often use forums for public and/or private discussions. These forums are integrated into the group site.

Online calendar -- civic groups use online, interactive calendars with a forms-based interface to provide a calendar of group and civic events. Sometimes more than one calendar view is used (e.g. one for public use, and one for private use by the managing board).