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The friendly URL case

Contributed by on Apr 24, 2002 - 02:55 AM

BUT - what I would like to propose is that we give this fantastic piece of code its life on the web. That is, giving the "PostNuke-:mod_rewrite" solution it's own homepage where we can have a list of supported scripts. The implementation by Sascha only supports the basic core modules. And even the Web_Link solution is not completely finalized. (it does not provide friendly URL's when you have a category with more than 10 web links...)

It would be great if users could submit their own working scripts for modules like XForum, PostCalendar, Gallery and more.

I am using all these modules already and I am not strong programmer enough to implement my own scripts for the different modules.

That is why a web page like this could help me and my fellow nukers a lot.

Well, if any of you out there knows how to fix this, then we can just simply change this thread into this webpage, with solutions to all the missing scripts, like: Web_Links, XForum, PostCalendar and Gallery.

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What we are talking about is basically the three following categories. (taken from Sascha's script)

1. The $in var in the array. Example:

2. The $out variable in the array. See:

3. The mod_rewrite script in the .htaccess file. See:

RewriteRule ^Sections-print-article([1-9][0-9]*).* modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=printpage&artid=$1

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How should this code look like for URL's like:




All the best to all the Post Nukers out there !

- Zonik,