Flexible Content Management System


New idea: Editing look-and-feel

Contributed by on May 07, 2002 - 09:09 AM

I did a little experimentation with this by placing block move arrows next to each block on the homepage. This allows the administrator to move his sideblocks around on his homepage, instead of going into the blocks administration panel. These arrows are only visible to the administrator, so there's no security problem.

I'd like to also add support for deactivating and activating blocks from the home page. This way everything can be done visually, and the administrator can see the results instantly.

This idea could be expanded on quite a bit by trying to make all administrative functions accessible directly from the homepage. My vision is of a postnuke that allows the administrator to do all page customizations visually, even resizing tables and images, although I realize how difficult that could be to implement.

If anyone has any thoughts or criticisms of this approach, fire away.

I'd like to give code back to the postnuke community more than I have, so this would be a good project for me.

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