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Urgent Paid Work!

Contributed by on May 08, 2002 - 09:08 AM

There is a rapidly growing but loose network of web development companies, and individuals who are working virtually exclusively with CMS' there is also a massive and virtually untapped market of clients who need the job done, at a price that suits. plugs that gap, and through heavy online promotion should attract organisations seeking to maximise their online presence with a dynamic CMS.

There are other similar services on the internet, however none specialise in the deployment of Open Source CMS systems only, and the leading sites charge as much as $100 per month plus commission.

It is free for developers to register as a professional on SiteBid, furthermore we will apply a $5 bonus credit to your account, to ensure you make money before we do! This will be deducted from the extremely reasonable 1% commission rate, meaning you pay no commission on the first $500 worth of business that you successfully bid for.

As for the commissions; the majority will be spent on marketing the services of our registered professionals to the wider world. Using a range of techniques including affiliate programmes, PPC placement, button and banner campaigns, and regular press releases submitted to the world's online and real world media.

SiteBid aims to quickly secure a steady stream of buyers who will be posting their projects online, but before we can do that we need the professionals who are ready, willing and able to come on over, register, and complete their profile so we can show you the money and let the bidding commence.

PS - PN Core Devs - check your mail list for a bounty signup offer by way of a ty. ;¬)