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Contributed by I would be intereste on May 08, 2002 - 06:55 PM

You might ask why there is a need for such a site when there are a million others like it. To that, I would answer: "Because there is no major portal based on PostNuke and because there is no major portal running as an open source project and no major site like this is running on PostNuke...yet".

Besides that, the only good way to produce a good publishing system is to make it while it is actually being used. Therefore, the goal here is to set up a groundwork to take PostNuke a step further and to serve the people of the planet with IT-news they can use.

However, to make work we need some skilled people to participate in the making. The project will be run very much as PostNuke is run with different positions and functions.

The hosting is in place and now all we need is a few good men and women:

- A killer theme needs to be created as well as site graphics (designers)

- Writers and editors (a lot)

- Programmers (already here but need someone that wants to focus on this project for tweaking and knowledge sharing with the rest of PostNuke community)

- An overall Site admin/webmaster

- And more that I cannot think of right now. (perhaps that million dollar man with the need to donate his money to this open source community project.)

Anyways, if you are interested in this project or have any questions then let me know! You can reach me at lars (at)

/Lars, and (not up yet)