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Some Poor Bastard Just Got PostNuked!

Contributed by on May 09, 2002 - 09:06 AM

But here is the real reason to go to <a href="" target=new>Poor Bastards. Did you ever wonder what happened to all of those pictures of people in compromising positions that you have seen flying around email over the years? Did you ever wish you could have held on to them? <a href="" target =new>Poor Bastards gallery has over 200 pictures with more being added every day. Every time the screen refreshes, you are treated to yet another Poor... well, you get the idea. Actually, there is a little eye candy hidden in the mix too. We also have a pretty good collection of those terrible, terrible Internet jokes that go flying around. If you have a good one, post it! We strive to have the most complete set of cruddy Internet jokes in existence.

Stop on by and say hi! Even if things are going well for you, you might have some great advice for someone else who, at the moment, is feeling a bit like one of the many <a href="" target=new>Poor Bastards. For the sake of clarity, although the name implies a place for the male of our species, women are equally welcome and are encouraged to stop in. If I created a URL that took the similar female word into account, it would probably not get past any net filters where many of us work and it would be a very long URL. As I said, the forum is brand new, and you know how nobody likes to be the first to post into an empty forum, so, I will appreciate any assistance you can offer breaking it in! And if you have some pictures to add, send them to .

<a href="" target=new>Poor Bastards welcomes you.

Fearless Leader <a href="" target=new>Poor Bastard, John

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