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User Interface Flaws

Contributed by With the rough idea' on Jul 29, 2001 - 11:58 AM

Some people might consider this to be 'exercise' but I call it sloppy user interface design. I admit I have made the same mistake with all my websites over the last four years. An embarassing discovery !

Only recently it struck me. How can it be we are so unaware of what we're doing. And complaining about RSI !

I suggest that this problem be solved in PostNuke by putting the menu where it should ergonomically be. And that is on the RIGHT side. (in both senses of the word RIGHT)

It is weird to see how with the advent of the web, we have completely forgotten al lessons learned from Apple's and other's user interface

guidelines. How come we, webdesigners think we can take such things for granted. I know for sure that our visitors, even if maybe completely unaware of the problem - psychologically probably resent it. That's how I discovered the problem. When for the xxxth time I had to drag my mouse to the other side to get to the menu...

What's the use of XHTMl and CSS compliance if we fall short on the very first principles of user-friendliness and user interface design.

We may be 'compliant', but we're ignorant idiots nevertheless, if we don't clean up our act.

A small but very important issue worth taking notice of.

Thanks for your attention.